The FCC yesterday released several fact sheets detailing how the regulatory fees due to be paid by September 24 of this year should be paid.  For broadcasters, perhaps the most important is the Media Bureau Regulatory Fees Fact Sheet.  This sheet sets out specific information about how to determine the amount of the fees to be paid by each broadcast station.

The Commission also released a Fact Sheet setting out those broadcasters exempt from fees – principally noncommercial licensees and those with total obligations less than $1000.  A Public Notice setting out the methodology for payment was also released. In preparing their fee filings, broadcasters should carefully review these FCC documents to make sure that their payments are correctly made by the September 24 deadline.  For example, any payments totaling more than $24,499.99 must be made by wire payment – anything lower than that can be paid by credit cards. With these fact sheets, and the information released last week (see our blog articles here and here), broadcasters should have all that they need to complete their regulatory fee filings by the September 24 deadline.