Months ago, the FCC approved reimbursing TV translators, LPTV stations, FM stations, and FM translators that incurred costs as a result of the repacking of TV stations into less spectrum following the TV incentive auction (see our post here).  Congress last year allocated the FCC money so that LPTV stations and TV translators forced to change channels and FM facilities forced to relocate temporarily or permanently because of work on the towers on which they were located could be reimbursed for their costs caused by this repacking.  The FCC has even published a list of expenses that will be routinely reimbursed when incurred by these stations due to the repacking.  But the reimbursement process has not yet begun, as the FCC paperwork to allow for the reimbursement process had not been approved by the Office of Management and Budget as being compliant with the Paperwork Reduction Act – until yesterday.

In yesterday’s Federal Register, the OMB’s approval of the FCC Forms was published, meaning that the FCC can now start the reimbursement process.  Look for an FCC announcement shortly announcing when affected stations can start submitting their reimbursement requests.  Get your bookkeepers and accountants busy collecting details of the expenses that can be reimbursed, as the time for filing for that reimbursement should be upon us in the very near future.