Last week, we wrote about the FCC’s announcements of the opening of the filing period for LPTV, TV translator and FM stations that are seeking reimbursement for the costs they incurred because of the repacking of TV channels into a smaller part of the spectrum following the incentive auction. The FCC forms that need to be filed to request reimbursement must be submitted by October 15. As we wrote, the process is somewhat complicated, as those seeking reimbursement need to document their costs and to prove their eligibility to share in the reimbursement funds. This week, the FCC announced that next week, on Wednesday, August 28 at 11:00 AM Eastern Time, the FCC will hold a webinar to detail the process for seeking reimbursement (see the notice of that webinar here and log-in details here). For those seeking reimbursement, it may be worth your time to listen in live or catch the archived webinar when a link to the webcast is posted here at some point after the completion of the session.