With the Copyright Royalty Board now in the early stages of the next proceeding to consider webcasting royalties (see our article here) as well as other proceedings including the distribution of cable and satellite television royalties to TV programmers (see these CRB notices), the Chief Judge of the CRB, Suzanne Barnett, announced her retirement earlier this month. The Librarian of Congress has announced that Copyright Royalty Judge Jesse Feder has been elevated to the Chief Judge’s position. That position requires experience in the administration of judicial proceedings – and presumably his experience on the CRB qualified him for the Chief Judge’s position. His old position will be filled, at least temporarily, by Richard Strasser, who currently serves as legal counsel to the CRB and has, in the past, served as an interim Copyright Royalty Judge. This second position on the Board requires someone experienced in copyright legal issues – again something that Mr. Strasser has from his experience at the CRB. His position is temporary, so it is possible that a new Judge could be appointed for this slot at some point in the future. The third position on the Board, which requires someone experienced in economic issues, continues to be held by Judge David R. Strickler. So, for the time being, these three judges will consider the cases pending before the CRB.