Yesterday, it was announced that Time Magazine had awarded its person of the year award to “the Guardians” – journalists around the world who risk their lives to bring us the news each day.  Most broadcasters don’t think of their on-air personnel as facing the same risks as journalists in war zones or facing imprisonment for reporting stories that certain governments don’t want reported.  But it is worth noting that Time includes among those featured in their report is an Annapolis, Maryland newspaper where 5 employees were shot by a gunman last June.  These concerns are facing more and more news outlets all across the country – with CNN this week facing evacuation over a bomb threat.  All broadcasters and other media companies need to consider the safety of their employees and plan for the unthinkable at their facilities.  For some thoughts on the safety and security of broadcast facilities and personnel, check out our recent article here about a session on this topic at a recent Wisconsin Broadcasters Association event, or just watch the video from that session here.