Earlier this month, the FCC announced another of its regular EEO audits, though this time it’s just for cable systems and other MVPDs who, like broadcasters, have EEO obligations. The FCC will audit 5% of all broadcasters and cable companies each year to assess their EEO compliance, so be prepared in case you are next. Broadcasters were last audited in June (radio stations only – see our article here), so their turn will come again. While the FCC has allowed broadcasters to meet their EEO outreach obligations solely through online sources (see our article here), that does not mean that they have stopped enforcing the rules (see our warning here) – even fining a group of stations late last year year when they had not kept adequate records of their EEO performance (see our article here). So avoid trouble should you be selected in the next set of random EEO audits – observe your outreach and paperwork obligations.