Comment dates have now been set on the FCC’s Notice of Inquiry seeking comments on the creation of a new Class of FM stations – C4 (proposed to operate at maximum power of 12 kw, midway between 6 kw Class A stations and 25 kw Class C3 stations) – and on proposals to change the rules on Section 73.215 FM short-spaced stations (those located at less than the full required mileage separations from co- and adjacent channel stations – proposing to require protection of other stations only to their actual, not potential maximum, facilities). We wrote more about the questions raised in that proceeding here. The FCC Notice of Inquiry was published in the Federal Register today. Comments are due by August 13, with reply comments due by September 10. The FCC will take the comments that are filed, consider them, and decide whether or not to move forward to propose specific rules on either of these issues. If you are interested in these issues, file your comments by the deadline set in today’s notice, and watch for further actions in this proceeding.