We wrote last summer about the substantial reductions in SESAC royalties that the Radio Music License Committee was able to achieve for commercial radio stations through a decision in its arbitration proceeding. RMLC recently sent out an email to all commercial stations that had authorized it to act on the stations’ behalf reminding them that, to get the full advantage of the retroactive discounting of the SESAC rates, stations need to sign the SESAC agreement by Monday, March 26. More information about this deadline and a link to the SESAC contract that needs to be signed can be found at the RMLC’s website, here. The arbitration award covers the license period 2016-2018, which is why there will be credits from SESAC for overpayments that stations made over the past two years. Also on the RMLC site is a link to an authorization form for future negotiations with SESAC for those stations that have not previously authorized RMLC to act on their behalf in SESAC matters. Act now to take advantage of these significant savings.