When press reports first started to emerge that the FCC was investigating for possible indecency violations a Stephen Colbert bit from his Late Show television program suggesting that the President had engaged in certain sex acts with the Russian President, we wrote that the controversy was much ado about nothing (see our article here). We suggested that the rumors of the FCC “investigation” was simply the FCC doing what it has to do to process any complaint – just looking to see if there were any grounds to indicate that the programming in question filed violated any FCC rules. Given that the actual language used by Mr. Colbert was “bleeped” out of his show, that the show run during the FCC safe-harbor (10 PM – 6 AM) during which indecent content can be run, and as the political nature of the comment (and the way in which it was presented) made it unlikely to be seen as obscene, we did not see that the FCC could take any action in this case. According to press reports, the FCC has concluded the same thing and terminated their review of this case. This does not mean that the FCC will not take action against a broadcaster who runs indecent content if an appropriate case for action is presented (like the $325,000 fine imposed on a TV station for graphic sexual images in a 6 PM newscast, see our story here). It just means that the Colbert case simply did not present that appropriate case for FCC action.