With the FCC last week announcing the results of the reverse auction portion of the incentive auction and setting the timetable for the repacking of the TV spectrum, the next question on everyone’s mind will be how successful the television industry will be in adhering to the schedule established by the FCC for clearing the TV spectrum above Channel 37. The FCC yesterday released a Public Notice showing how it will be doing its part to monitor and assist in that repacking. The FCC announced that it is appointing 10 Commission employees to serve as “Regional Coordinators” to help ensure a “smooth and efficient post-auction transition.” These coordinators will each have a geographic region to which they are assigned. They will keep in touch with the television stations affected by the repacking in their area to assess them stations progress in complying with the required channel moves and to assist where possible in smoothing issues that may arise in that process.

The Public Notice provides the names and contact information for each of these coordinators and a list of the stations to which they are assigned. The coordinators will be reaching out to stations to introduce themselves in the near future. The notice also provides the names of FCC contacts for LPTV stations that will be affected by the repacking. As we all know that applications can at times get bogged down at the FCC, and unexpected regulatory issues can from time to time arise in connection with any broadcast construction project, it would seem like a good idea for station personnel to get to know their coordinators so that stations can feel comfortable in seeking the coordinators aid should such issues pop up during the transition process.