The FCC yesterday issued a Public Notice reminding all TV broadcasters (full-power, LPTV, translator and Class A stations, both commercial and noncommercial, if they have digital operations) that they must, by December 1, file a report as to whether or not they provide ancillary and supplementary services through their broadcast spectrum. If they do provide such services, they must pay a fee of 5% of gross revenues received by the TV station for such services. Ancillary and supplemental services do not include non-subscription video channels delivered directly to the public, but would include any other services proved over the station’s spectrum from which the station receives compensation, including “computer software distribution, data transmissions, teletext, interactive materials, aural messages, paging services, or audio signals, [and] subscription video.” All stations must file the report – even if they don’t receive any such revenue (as they must state that fact on the report).

The Public Notice also noted that the report needs to be filed on FCC Form 2100 Schedule G, using the FCC’s new “Licensing and Management System” electronic filing system (LMS). This previously had been filed on FCC Form 317. Stations that owe a fee must also submit a Form 159. Filing details are in the notice. Don’t forget the filing and the fee if required – as the FCC warns appropriate sanctions will be taken against stations that don’t file or file late.