This week, I was given 15 minutes at the RAIN (Radio and Internet Newsletter) Summit in Nashville to summarize all of the legal issues that are important to digital audio companies including webcasters and podcasters.  While getting everything into a presentation that short entailed some speed talking and the briefest description of many very complicated issues, I hope that I was able to at least outline issues about which companies should be cognizant.  For folks who weren’t at RAIN, or even those who were and couldn’t keep up with the speed of the slides flashing across the screen in the conference ballroom, a copy of those slides is available here.

The presentation addressed not only music royalty issues covered in my Texas Broadcasters’ presentation last month – issues certainly important to digital media companies – but it also at least touched on numerous other issues that we have written about here from time to time, from privacy and TCPA issues, to trademarks and FTC digital sponsorship and endorsement guidelines.  Lots of issues were covered in a short time – so feel free to take a quick look at the slides for highlights of those concerns and watch for more thorough discussion of these issues as we cover them from time to time on these pages.