While most broadcasters are awaiting word of when the FCC’s annual regulatory fees will be due (an announcement that should be coming any day now as regulatory fees will be paid in September by all commercial broadcasters to offset the cost of being regulated), the FCC announced yesterday that its application fees are going up effective today.  These application fees are paid with most FCC applications – including applications for the purchase and sale of broadcast stations, applications for new and modified station technical facilities, for special temporary authority (in most cases), with license renewal applications and even with Biennial Ownership Reports (to be filed by commercial stations in December 2017).  Application fees are increased from time to time to reflect increases in the cost of living index.  The most recent application fee increase, announced in July (see this Order setting all of the new fees), will be effective today.  An application fee filing guide for media services was made available on the FCC website today.  So remember to pay the new fees when filing an application starting on the effective date, as the failure to do so may delay the processing of your new applications.