Today, the FCC published notice in the Federal Register of the adoption of the new simplified rules for publicizing the material rules for contests conducted by broadcasters. This publication was for purposes of review by the Office of Management and Budget under the Paperwork Reduction Act, a review necessary before any new rules requiring any recordkeeping or other paperwork become effective. While it is not expected that these new rules (which we summarized here) will be at all controversial at the OMB as most parties believes that the new rules will greatly simplify their operations, an opportunity for parties to file comments on the paperwork burden is still required. As comments can be filed through December 7, the rules can’t go into effect before then. So, until the new rules are adopted, remember to keep disclosing the material terms of contests on the air. And let’s all hope that OMB approves these rules quickly, so that broadcasters (and the public) can take advantage of the new online disclosure opportunities.