With the recent release of the FCC’s report setting out the potential opening bids to buy out the spectrum of TV stations so that it can be resold to wireless companies for wireless broadband, station owners and operators around the country have many questions about how the auction will play out, and what they really might receive from any incentive auction.  As we wrote at the end of last month, the FCC has begun to hold seminars around the country to talk to TV broadcasters about the incentive auction, and in connection with the seminars, to schedule confidential private meetings to discuss the potential payout the broadcaster might expect should they decide to sell their spectrum. Yesterday, the FCC announced that these sessions are moving west – three are to be held in California the first week in March. 

These sessions will continue in the next few months in other locations across the country, probably including at the NAB conference in Las Vegas.  Station personnel and their advisors need to register for the information sessions, and schedule any private meeting they may want to have with the FCC staff to review their specific situation.  So contact the FCC at the addresses listed in the public notice if you plan on attending any of the California sessions.