The FCC has extended the comment deadline for ideas about the draft form that the FCC plans to use to determine the amount of reimbursement to be paid to individual TV broadcasters for changes in channels caused by the television spectrum repacking after the incentive auction (by which portions of the TV spectrum will be purchased from existing television stations and repurposed for wireless broadband use).  We wrote about the proposed form here.  The new comment deadline is November 26.  This form will be important as broadcasters will use it to submit their claims for the recovery of any costs that they will incur as a result of the repacking. After the incentive auction, TV stations that do not give up their stations will be “repacked” into a smaller TV band.  The costs for those stations to change their technical facilities so as to be able to operate on new channels in the smaller TV band will be paid in advance by the FCC (out of some of the proceeds of the auction).  But the stations will need to file claims for those costs, in advance, on the proposed new form.  So stations need to make sure that the new form covers all of the expenses that will likely be incurred in the post-auction repacking.  So look at that form, and get your comments in by the new deadline if you see any likely costs that the FCC overlooked.