Last week, we wrote about the first step in the FCC’s processing of the remaining applications for FM translators filed way back in 2003.  The FCC has required that applicants who have more than one application pending in a market, or more than 50 applications pending nationwide, file an election as to which applications they will continue to pursue under the newly adopted application caps (3 applications per market and 70 nationwide, with no more than 50 applications in the Appendix A markets – the Top 150 markets and a handful of others in which there were a significant number of applications pending).  As we said in our article last week, the process is a complex one, as the Commission has established additional criteria that must be met for those desiring to prosecute more than 50 applications nationwide or more than one in a market.  Today, the FCC released a public notice that gives examples as to how its election process is supposed to work – giving details of what needs to be filed by applicants with specific numbers of applications pending from the 2003 window.  If you have applications still on file from that window, or are interested in such applications (e.g. for rebroadcasting an AM station or an FM HD-2 channel which new translators can retransmit), review this notice carefully before making your elections next week.