The FCC has now released its Public Notice formally announcing the payment deadline for the 2011 Annual Regulatory Fees, which will be due by 11:59 pm E.T. on September 14, 2011.  The fees must be processed electronically using the FCC’s Fee Filer website, which can be accessed here.   That site is now ready to accept the payment of the 2011 Regulatory Fees, and licensees must log-on to the Fee Filer website using their FRN (FCC Registration Number) and password to review the fees that have been pre-populated in for that particular licensee.  While the list of stations and authorizations reflected in the database should be similar to the list from last year, licensees should carefully review the information and ensure that all stations and authorizations held by the licensee are included.  In particular, stations acquired during the year or new broadcast auxiliaries obtained during the year may not appear on the list and may need to be added. Please note, the FCC will not mail a bill or a reminder to broadcast stations this year, so it is the responsibility of each licensee to determine the extent of its reg fee obligation. 

More information regarding the annual regulatory fees, including instructions for submitting the fees, is available from the Regulatory Fees page of the FCC’s website, available here. UPDATE:  In addition, with regard to broadcast radio and television stations, the FCC has made available a “look-up” database to allow licensees of broadcast stations to confirm the amount owed for each particular station. That look-up database is now available at:

Consistent with the procedures adopted last year, all licensees are required to pay the annual regulatory fees online via the FCC’s Fee Filer website. In order to access the Fee Filer website and remit the regulatory fee payment, licensees must have a valid FCC Registration Number (FRN) and related password. Payment may be made electronically by credit card or debit card, by check or money order, or by wire transfer. If a licensee prefers to remit payment by check or money order, the licensee must first use the FCC’s electronic Fee Filer system to create a Form 159-E voucher generated by the Fee Filer system. That Form 159-E voucher must then accompany the submission of payment by check or money order, which must be sent to the FCC’s receiving bank in St. Louis, Mo. 

As in the past, payments received after 11:59 pm E.T on Sept. 14, 2011, will automatically incur a 25% late payment fee.  So licensees are encouraged to review and pay their reg fees early to avoid any penalty.  For those needing more details, please see the Commission’s full reg fee Order, which contains the 2011 fees for all types of authorizations.