The FCC has granted a short extension for Reply Comments on the implementation of the CALM Act.  The new deadline for Reply Comments is August 1, 2011.  We wrote about the issues in this porceeding here,  The CALM Act ("Commercial Announcement Loudness Mitigation" Act), which must be implemented by the end of this year, is meant to require broadcasters, cable companies and other MVPDs to eliminate loud commercials – commercials that are substantially louder than the associated programming.  As we set out in our previous article, the Commission looks to establish compliance based on a series of recommended best practices developed by the Advanced Television Systems Committee.  As the ATSC is about to release an updated version of this protocal (to be released on its website on July 26), a short extension was deemed to be appropriate so that interested parties could review the updated standards.  If you are concerned about compliance with the proposed new rules, take this extended opportunity to review the new ATSC recommended practices, and file your comments on or before August 1.