It’s the beginning of a new year, and each year brings numerous regulatory deadlines for radio and television broadcasters.  We’ve put together a calendar that sets out many of those dates.  You can find the calendar setting out important dates for broadcasters in 2011 here.  It sets out many important dates – including the dates for regulatory obligations including: EEO Public File Reports, Quarterly Programs Issues Lists, Children’s Television Reports, Ownership Reports (yes, a Biennial Ownership Report will again be due from all stations this year), and even dates for SoundExchange payments and reports of use for stations streaming their signals on the Internet.  This year, the normal filing deadlines are supplemented by deadlines in connection with the first sets of radio license renewals due for stations in many Mid-Atlantic and Southern states.  So check out your obligations by referring to our Broadcaster’s Calendar for 2011, and be prepared to meet your regulatory obligations.