Last week, we wrote about a Commission decision that said that only one application in a noncommercial MX Group can be granted even if, when the first is granted, there are other applications in that group that would not be mutually exclusive with (i.e. would not create any prohibited interference to) the winning applicant.  While multiple applicants can be granted out of an MX Group if there is a settlement, only one application will be granted when the point system analysis is performed. Well – if you have an application still pending in the 2007 NCE Window and were contemplating a settlement, now is the time to do it.  In February, the Commission released an order deciding the winner in 59 different MX groups.  A second such decision is now circulating among the Commissioners for approval, and we hear that a third will soon follow as the FCC accelerates its review of the remaining applications from the 2007 window. Once these orders are released by the Commission, there is no more chance to settle any case decided in such an order, and thus only one application from any group will be granted.  So, if you are planning a settlement, do it now.