Each year poses a new set of regulatory deadlines, and to help you remember all of those deadlines, the Davis Wright Tremaine Broadcast Group has prepared a calendar setting out the dates that broadcasters need to remember in 2010.  The calendar can be found here, and sets out FCC imposed deadlines for, among other things, Ownership Report filings (for noncommercial stations for now, until the status of the Form 323 for commercial stations is resolved), for quarterly issues programs lists, for EEO public file and Mid-Term reports, and for children’s TV reports.   The calendar also provides reminders about the dates of SoundExchange filings and payment obligations, and for the political windows during which lowest unit rates apply for the Federal elections to be held in 2010 (for the House of Representatives in all states, and for the Senate in over a third of the states).  Lots of dates to remember – so check out the DWT Broadcasters Calendar.