The FCC’s struggles to get a new FCC Ownership Report adopted, and to establish a uniform filing date for ownership reports from all commercial broadcasters, seems to be coming to an end.  The new Form 323 Ownership Report was approved by the Office of Management and Budget last week, with the OMB apparently finding the FCC’s recent revisions of the form (about which we wrote here) to be sufficient to answer objections that had been raised about its paperwork burden.   From comments made by the Chief of the FCC’s Media Bureau at a recent meeting of communications lawyers in Washington DC, the Commission’s staff is readying the form for its public debut and, once the details are worked out, commercial licensees will have about 30 days to complete the report and file it electronically at the FCC.  He suggested that the Commission was looking at a December filing deadline – so be on the alert for the Commission’s announcement of the new filing deadline to make sure that your report is timely filed by the date that the Commission establishes.