Last Friday we posted about the FCC’s announcement that it would open a filing window in December for noncommercial applicants interested in seeking authority for 67 existing vacant FM allotments.  Today, the FCC revised the timing of that window and postponed the opening until February 2010.  Accordingly, rather than accepting applications for these vacant noncommercial allocations in December, the window for filing will now be from February 19 through February 26, 2010.  In addition, the accompanying freeze on the filing of commercial and noncommercial minor modifications will now go into effect on February 6th and last through the closing of the window on February 26, 2010.  The FCC postponed the window in response to a request from a group of noncommercial entities and associations who said that two months would not be enough time for interested applicants to get approval from their boards and pull together an application.  The FCC agreed and pushed the date back.  So noncommercial entities interested in filing for these new stations have some additional time to prepare.  Further information is available in our earlier blog and in the FCC’s Public Notice released today.