Last month, the FCC released its proposal to restrict the movement of FM stations from rural areas into larger markets (which we summarized here).  The proposals that the FCC has put forward would greatly restrict the ability of broadcast owners to move stations to cover larger population areas – in many senses reversing the decision of the FCC just two years ago granting stations more flexibility to change cities of license and otherwise improve their facilities (see our posts here and here).  As we pointed out in our summary of the proposals, if adopted, these new rules could impair diversity – making it harder for minorities and other new entrants to acquire stations in larger markets, as move-in stations often provide the only opportunities for such groups to acquire stations at reasonable prices.  The FCC order advancing these changes has now been published in the Federal Register, setting the date for the filing of public comments on these proposals.  Comments are due to be filed on July 13, with replies due by August 11.   Broadcasters interested in these issues should start to prepare those comments now, providing the Commission with sufficient information to show the public interest benefits of these station moves.