As we wrote last week, the FCC recently admonished two major broadcasters, each of which had a station group which had not complied with the FCC’s EEO rules.  In both cases, the FCC would have issued fines instead of the admonishments had it not been for renewal applications that were granted between the time of the violations and the FCC’s EEO audit that uncovered the issues.  This past week, the FCC issued another list of stations that will be audited to determine their EEO compliance.  The list of stations to be audited is here.  The FCC’s Public Notice of the audits is here.  As stated in the Notice, the FCC will audit 5% of all broadcast stations and all multi-channel video providers each year.  So expect more EEO audits in upcoming months.  To be sure that you are prepared to meet the FCC’s requirements for EEO compliance if your station is audited, see our EEO Compliance Guide, here.