The FCC today extended the deadline for submitting comments on the voluminous media ownership studies released by the Commission late this summer in connection with the ongoing review of the Media Ownership Rules.  Comments on the studies were originally due by October 1st, with Reply comments due by October 16th.  At the request of several parties, the Commission has now extended the time to comment until October 22nd, with Reply Comments now due by November 1st. 

The Commission’s media ownership studies were released as part of the FCC’s comprehensive quadrennial review of its media ownership rules.  Specifically, the ten research studies were designed to inform its decisions in the proceeding.  In today’s extension, available here, the Commission recognized that "there is a large amount of material to be reviewed and that some parties may need additional time to complete their review and analysis."  Further information on the ongoing multiple ownership rule making proceeding can be found in our earlier blogs, including this recent posting