In the agenda for next week’s FCC meeting, one of the items to be discussed is the proposed acquisition by Citadel Communications of the radio stations currently owned by ABC Radio, a subsidiary of the Disney Company.  As Citadel is one of the broadcasters against which payola issues have reportedly been raised, certain parties objected to this transaction based on these and other issues.  As we have reported, there have been rumors of a large payola settlement between the FCC and broadcast companies including Citadel involving millions of dollars in fines.  As the agenda item for next week’s meeting indicates that the Commission will consider not only the proposed acquisition of the stations, but also a Notice of Apparent Liability, will this be the first case to actually impose the rumored fines for payola?  Watch the FCC meeting next week to see if payola issues are in fact resolved.  We’ll also see if the FCC provides any guidance on payola issues, and what kinds of conduct it sees as being prohibited by the payola rules.