On Friday, just as parties are getting ready to submit applications due this week for an FM auction for "leftover" channels, the FCC announced the dates and procedures for its next FM auction.  The next auction will feature the 121 new FM channels listed in an appendix to the Public Notice.  The Public Notice sets out the rules and procedures that will govern the auction.  The auction itself will begin on March 7, 2007, with short-form applications (expressing an intent to bid on some or all of the channels) due between December 6 and December 19.

Other auction deadlines include the requirement for posting Upfront Payments necessary to compete in the auction on February 5, 2007.  An Auction Seminar will be conducted on December 6 in Washington to go over all the auction processes and procedures, and a Mock Auction, to allow applicants to practice with the electronic bidding system, will be held on March 5. 

So check the list to see if there might be a channel in which you might be interested.