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A Call to Regulate E-Cig Advertising – What is the FCC’s Role in Regulating Advertising For the Vices?

Posted in Advertising Issues, Children's Programming and Advertising, FCC Fines, General FCC, Public Interest Obligations/Localism
In recent months, there have been many calls to regulate e-cigs, and potentially to regulate the marketing of all sorts of vaping products, including a call last week by an FCC Commissioner in an op-ed article in USA Today.  As we wrote several months ago, these suggestions have been based in the fear that increased… Continue Reading

Advertising for E-Cigs – Concerns about Targeting Children

Posted in Advertising Issues, Children's Programming and Advertising, Programming Regulations
E-cig advertising has been one of those areas where broadcasters and other media companies have been looking warily at the potential for regulatory intervention. So far, as we wrote here, the FDA has only required general disclosures that “e-cigs contain nicotine and that nicotine is an addictive chemical” – an obligation that took effect last month,… Continue Reading

No FCC Rules Against Beer Ads, But NCAA and Other Program Suppliers May Have Their Own Limits

Posted in Advertising Issues
Many broadcasters have had the conception that there are FCC rules against liquor advertising,  As we wrote in 2007, the FCC has never directly regulated liquor ads.  Many years ago, the FCC did ask broadcasters seeking a license if they would rely on the NAB Code of voluntary conduct, which set out limits on broadcaster advertising for alcoholic beverages… Continue Reading

Will You Drink to That? – Advertising Liquor on Broadcast Stations

Posted in Advertising Issues
The New York Times recently published an article about NBC’s owned and operated station in New York City acceptance of advertising for liquor.  While ads for beer and wine have been a staple on broadcast stations (though see our discussion of the limits on that advertising, here), ads for other alcoholic beverages ads have been less frequent.  Many broadcasters… Continue Reading