Tomorrow, September 27, is the deadline for commercial broadcasters to submit their annual regulatory fees. We wrote about those fees and this deadline here and here. Don’t forget to get them in by the deadline, as the failure to file on time will result in processing holds on any subsequent application that your station may file, plus penalties and a possible collection action from the FCC.

Also this week is the second Nationwide EAS Test, to be conducted Wednesday, September 28. Stations should have already signed up in the FCC’s ETRS system so as to be able to report on the success or failure of this test (see our post here) and also programmed their EAS receivers to recognize Nationwide EAS event code – see our post here. Form Two in ETRS, reporting on the results of the EAS test at your station, is due on September 29, the day after the test (see the FCC notice here). So be sure that you are signed up and ready to report after Wednesday’s Nationwide EAS test. A busy week for broadcasters all around – don’t overlook these deadlines!

Update, 9/27/2016 – the FCC issued a News Release yesterday about the EAS Test, and also sent an email to EAS participants specifying a suggested schedule staggered by the time zone in which a station is located for filing ETRS Form Two on September 29.  The email also urged stations not to file the required Form Three (due 45 days after the test) until after September 29, presumably to avoid overloading the filing system.  If your station did not get this email, there may be an issue in the filing of Form One which was meant to register your station for EAS test reporting purposes.