A few months ago, we wrote about pirate radio and the FCC’s efforts to stop these stations from popping up all around the country. In the last few weeks, the FCC has issued several fines to pirate radio operators – including one who shut down his operations and gave his transmitter to the FCC when they first inspected his facility, only to start up again someplace else a few weeks later (see the order proposing a $15,000 fine here). In some of the decisions (e.g. the one here proposing a $15,000 fine), the FCC references the websites and sales operations of these pirate radio operators. In light of this kind of brazen activity, we wonder how effective the threat of an FCC fine may be in curbing these operators. But the FCC does seem to be ramping up its activity in this area – as is evident from the webpage that they have created to document their efforts. In one interesting development, the FCC sent a warning letter to a property owner for a home from which a pirate radio station operated, warning that the operation was illegal – perhaps setting the stage for more aggressive actions against those who enable pirate radio operators. Watch as the FCC efforts develop in the coming months.