Last week, we noted that an order acting on the FCC’s proposal to adopt a requirement for an online public file for radio, cable and satellite had been prepared and was circulating among the FCC commissioners for their review.  Yesterday, in a post on the FCC’s blog, the FCC Chairman confirmed that the decision would be made this month at the FCC meeting on January 28.  The Chairman’s article does not say much more – except that it would not substantively change the public file obligations – instead just moving them online.  While there are rumors of a phase-in of the obligation for radio stations to transition to the online file, the timing of that transition is not yet public.  But rumors persist that large market stations should expect that their obligation – including their political file obligation – will go into effect before November’s election.  So radio stations need to be on alert, and large market stations may need to be ready to implement this obligation in a matter of months.