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Monthly Archives: March 2007

Update Your Contact Lists – Davis Wright Tremaine DC Offices Are Consolidating

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Effective on Monday, April 2, the Washington DC office of Davis Wright Tremaine LLP that was located at 1500 K Street has changed locations.  We are joining our colleagues from the law firm that was formerly known as Cole Raywid & Braverman, and moving into their office at the following address: Davis Wright Tremaine LLP, 1919 Pennsylvania Avenue… Continue Reading

FCC Revises Form 340 – Noncommercial Stations Can Now File One-Step City of License Changes

Posted in FM Radio, Noncommercial Broadcasting
The FCC yesterday released a Public Notice announcing that the new Form 340 – Application for Construction Permit for Noncommercial Station – has been approved and is now effective.  This is the revised form that allows noncommercial FM stations operating in the educational reserved band to file for city of license changes as minor changes, rather… Continue Reading

More Mobile Music and More Royalties?

Posted in Digital Radio, Internet Radio, On Line Media
In a recent press release, Clear Channel Communications announced an agreement with mSpot Radio to provide the programming of over 100 Clear Channel radio stations to mobile phone users.  Interestingly, this announcement comes in he thick of the battle over the new royalty rates for the streaming of music on the Internet.  In recent pleadings seeking… Continue Reading

Follow the Money and Find the Public Interest?

Posted in Children's Programming and Advertising, Multiple Ownership Rules
The FCC yesterday approved the sale of the stock of Univision Communications to a consortium of private equity companies.  In order to approve the deal, the FCC agreed to a $24 million dollar payment to the US Treasury by Univision as part of a consent decree for alleged violations of the children’s television rules.  The… Continue Reading

A Tale of Two Press Releases – Who Is A Musician to Believe?

Posted in Internet Radio
Two press releases on the Internet radio music royalty controversy were issued late last week from groups appealing to musicians  – and they couldn’t have been more different in tone.  The Future of Music Coalition, a group dedicated to voicing the opinions of musicians and citizens on Washington policy decisions regarding copyright and technology issues, released a well considered  position statement finding… Continue Reading

Digital TV Transition End Game Issues Loom

Posted in Digital Television
At the Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters meeting last week, David Donovan, President of the Association for Maximum Service Television, discussed the digital television transition, and the significant issues that face television broadcasters as the February 17, 2009 deadline for the transition to digital television approaches. The theme of David’s message was that, for the transition to go… Continue Reading

Motions for Rehearing of Copyright Royalty Decision Filed – And the Foundation of that Decision is Challenged

Posted in Internet Radio
Monday was the deadline for the filing of Motions for Rehearing of the decision of the Copyright Royalty Board decision on Internet radio music royalties for 2006-2010.  As we have written before, the decision proposes significant increases in the royalties, particularly for independent webcasters who have up to now paid royalties on a percentage of… Continue Reading

Noncommercial Radio – New Stations on the Way

Posted in FM Radio
The Agenda for next week’s FCC meeting includes the consideration of 76 groups of mutually exclusive applications for new noncommercial FM stations.  Many of the 200 or so applications contained in these groups have been pending at the FCC for almost 10 years.  Several years ago, the FCC adopted a point system to resolve cases involving these applications as many of… Continue Reading

NTIA Releases Details of DTV Converter Box Coupon Program

Posted in Digital Television
On March 12, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration ("NTIA") released its Final Rules for the Digital-to-Analog Converter Box Coupon Program (Coupon Program).  This program is designed to allow consumers to purchase converter boxes which will allow analog televisions to receive over-the-air broadcast signals after the February 17, 2009 transition date when all full-power television broadcasters will be broadcasting… Continue Reading

Reminder: Lowest Unit Rates Apply to Municipal Elections

Posted in Political Broadcasting
I’ve received several calls in the last week asking if the political broadcasting rules apply to municipal elections – such as elections for mayor, city council, or school board.  Even though this is an "off year" for Federal elections, many communities around the country have local elections, and in some of those elections, candidates have sought… Continue Reading

Interview on Copyright Royalty Board Decision on Internet Radio Royalties

Posted in Internet Radio
For those of you tired of reading about the recent Copyright Royalty Board decision on Internet Radio royalties, you can instead listen to a discussion of those royalties.  An interview that I did with World Internet Radio is available to download and listen on their website, at  The interview covers questions about the royalties… Continue Reading

FCC Releases Details of Video Franchise Requirements

Posted in Cable Carriage
This week, the FCC released its Order on Video Franchising Requirements, setting out rules that require that municipalities timely process requests by companies for local franchises for multi-channel video systems to compete with existing cable systems.  For details of this ruling and the issues to be resolved in a Further rulemaking proceeding, you can read our firm’s… Continue Reading