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Monthly Archives: August 2006

Newspapers Leading the Way in Online Media?

Posted in Internet Radio, Internet Video
This week’s Economist includes an interesting story on the competitive pressures being faced by newspapers.  One of the observations about successful newspapers in this competitive, digital world is the ability of the newspaper to exploit its on-line presence.  Successful newspapers were able to not only use their existing content on the Internet, but were also… Continue Reading

CPB and the HD Radio Transition

Posted in Digital Radio
The Corporation for Public Broadcasting announced recently that it has provided $7.74 million in grants to assist 85 public radio stations in their transition to digital operations.  This announcement is interesting, coming as it does only a week after Communications Daily reported on August 16 that CPB engineers were finding that HD Radio was providing the… Continue Reading

FM Translators for AM Stations?

Posted in FM Translators and LPFM
Comments are due to be filed with the FCC by this Thursday, August 24, on the NAB’s proposal to allow AM radio stations to use FM translators to fill in nulls in their coverage.  Particularly for AM stations with very directional patterns, or with authorizations that specify little or no nighttime coverage, this proposal could… Continue Reading

Restrictions on Advertising Unhealthy Foods?

Posted in Advertising Issues
In the early 1990s, calls were heard in the halls of Congress, among public interest groups and in the press about the harmful effects of advertising on children. Within a few years, we saw legislation and FCC actions limiting the amount of advertising aimed at children, and effectively prohibiting the hosts of children’s programs from promoting goods… Continue Reading

FCC Investigates Video News Releases

Posted in Payola and Sponsorship Identification
Today, press reports stated that the FCC has sent letters of inquiry to 77 television stations inquiring about their use of Video News Releases (VNRs) without properly notifying their audience about the source of such releases.  VNRs are essentially pre-produced segments provided to television stations for inclusion in their programming.  The Washington Post carried a story,… Continue Reading

BetOnSports Terminates US Operations

Posted in Advertising Issues
On July 18, we wrote about the arrest of the CEO of BetOnSports, the Internet gambling site, and the indictment of individuals involved with the Company, including representatives of its advertising agencies.  Yesterday, the New York Times reported that BetOnSports has stopped taking bets from people in the United States in compliance with the US Court… Continue Reading

Recent Activity to Collect Unpaid Internet Radio Music Royalties

Posted in Internet Radio
In recent months, SoundExchange has been reaching out to webcasters seeking to identify those who are delinquent in their royalty payments for music used on the Internet. Numerous broadcasters and webcasters have received calls or letters from SoundExchange seeking information about apparent underpayments or missing mandatory reports of royalty liability that should be filed regularly by… Continue Reading