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Reminders About Rates to Be Charged to Candidates At Communications Law Seminar

Posted in Appearances, Political Broadcasting
On March 16, David Oxenford spoke at a Continuing Legal Education Seminar on the FCC’s Political Broadcasting rules. The panel, sponsored by the Federal Communications Bar Association, included another attorney in private practice, an attorney from the NAB, Bobby Baker (the head of the FCC’s Political Broadcasting office), and a media time buyer for political candidates. The panel… Continue Reading

Obama Buys A Half Hour of Time on Broadcast Networks – What FCC Legal Issues are Involved?

Posted in Political Broadcasting
Press Reports (such as this one) have stated that the Obama campaign has purchased half-hour blocks of time on at least NBC and CBS to broadcast a political infomercial to be aired at 8 PM Eastern time on October 29.  Some reports indicate that other broadcast and cable networks will also be broadcasting the same program. … Continue Reading