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Mar 2, 2015
March Regulatory Dates for Broadcasters – Closed Captioning Quality Standards Effective Date, Comments on Online Public File, MVPD Status for Online Video Providers, LIFO for Political Ads, and FRNs for Biennial Ownership Reports
Feb 21, 2015
Protecting Broadcast Investors’ Social Security Numbers for the Biennial Ownership Report for Commercial Broadcasters (and, Potentially, Noncommercial Ones Too)
Feb 11, 2015
FCC Fines: $17,000 for Unsecure AM Tower Fence (Not Owning the Tower Site is No Excuse); $25,000 for Missing Quarterly Issues Programs Lists; $22,000 for Nonfunctioning EAS and Wrong Tower Coordinates
Feb 2, 2015
What Washington Has in Store for Broadcasters and Digital Media Companies in 2015 – Part 2 – Court Cases, Congressional Communications and Copyright Reform, and Other Issues
Jan 28, 2015
February Regulatory Dates for Broadcasters – TV Renewals, EEO Reports, Lots of TV Incentive Auction Activity, OTT MVPD and Contest Comments, and Last-Minute January Deadlines for Webcasting
Jan 7, 2015
What Washington Has in Store for Broadcasters in 2015 – Part 1, What’s Up at the FCC
Jan 5, 2015
A Broadcaster’s Regulatory Calendar for 2015, Plus Important Regulatory Deadlines for January Including Incentive Auction and Captioning Comments
Dec 21, 2014
FCC Sets Dates for Comments on Proposed Changes to Required Disclosures of Broadcast Contest Material Terms
Dec 18, 2014
FCC Issues $25,000 Fine to Radio Station Owner for 3 STLs that were A Half Mile from Their Licensed Location
Dec 18, 2014
FCC to Look at Program Producer Responsibility for Captioning of Video Programming – Likely Extension of New Rules on Captioning Quality